Screen 1, or 'The Hall', is one of the finest examples of a 1920s art deco auditorium. It's a large, grand space that oozes with classic style and elegance.  

Many of the original features are still in place, such as the houselight fittings on the walls and ceiling, and the various motifs around the room. The auditorium is

complete with plush red seating, swooshing red velvet curtains and the classic double 'love seats' in the back row.

Seating has been upgraded and the hall now seats a total of 678 patrons between the stalls and balcony. A wheelchair area and disabled facilities have been added, and various other modifications to the space have been made over the years to keep up with the pace of change and to allow the Public Hall to stay relevant and functional in the modern world. 

One tradition that Brynamman Public Hall is famous for is the ice-cream intermission. As the curtains close for a break, ice-cream is carried into the auditorium on trays ready to be sold. Once everyone has what they need, the lights slowly fade and the curtains are pulled back to continue the presentation.

As well as a cinema, the Hall is known for it's rich history in performing arts. Operas, Eistodfod, pantomimes, concerts, ballets, wrestling, drama and all sorts of wonderful events have been hosted at the venue over the years.

The stage is still in use today and sees regular use throughout the year, especially at Christmas with school concerts and pantomimes. The stage and technical facilities have been kept up to date to allow the Hall to accommodate a wide range of events. To see if there are any upcoming live events, please visit the Live Events page.

Behind those little glass windows, the Public Hall isn't short on impressive technology. Screen 1 is home to one of the largest digital cinema automation system and cinema LED houselight system in the UK to give the finest representation of classic film presentation, without the need of a projectionist or anyone to operate the equipment during a film.

An NEC 4KW digital projector fills the massive, curved, silver screen with a stunning, bright picture. Sound is handled by 22 separate speakers from Martin Audio and JBL, all powered by QSC amplification and controlled by Dolby Digital surround processors.

This combination of equipment and technology makes for a breathtaking filmgoing experience, from the moment the lights begin to fade, to the moment the curtains meet in the middle at the end of the credits.

We urge anyone who hasn't experienced this cinema to come and visit. With nearly 100 years of non-stop film on our screen, millions of memories have been made and millions of dreams have been realised at the Public Hall. To experience a real cinema, visit our Showtimes page and book your tickets. 

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