Studio Screen 2 first opened it's doors in 2013 allowing simultaneous screening of 2 different films for the first time in the hall's 87 year history.

Screen 2 is situated in the old lounge space below the original library, which is now the shop and office area. In recent years, since the opening of the Black Mountain Centre, many activities and meetings that once occupied the lounge have shifted location resulting in the room being unused for anything substantial. The decision to transform the space into a second cinema auditorium was made, helping to maximise use of all areas of the building.

Since opening, Screen 2 has offered a unique alternative space to customers and many extra booking opportunities for us as a cinema. This space is a true asset and it plays a core role in our day to day operation as a fully fledged entertainment venue. 

During the planning and building of Studio Screen 2 and the transformation of the space, we worked closely with leading UK cinema integrators Sound Associates to ensure that the latest and greatest in cinema technology was installed.


Screen 2 is fitted with a glorious, large cinemascope silver screen and Dolby Digital surround sound. This is a complete digital cinema space with the capability of screening 2D and 3D presentations. As well as industry standard cinema content, we are also able to screen alternative content such as live satellite broadcasts, Blu-Ray discs and DVDs for the ultimate in entertainment versatility.

This new space has allowed us to expand massively as your providers of entertainment, almost doubling our number of total films shown. It also allows us to continue screening films 7 days a week regardless of events held in the main auditorium such as live theatre performances. Before this space was transformed, cinema films could not be run on the same evening as a live show.

Studio Screen 2 is a modern, stylish and cosy auditorium with comfortable seating and plenty of legroom. With 44 seats, this is an intimate cinema space making it perfect for private bookings, birthday parties, presentations and smaller cinema audiences.

If you haven't experienced this fantastic auditorium, please pay us a visit and give it a go!

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