Terms & Conditions

Tickets purchased online will be valid until 15 minutes after the advertised screening time. After 15 minutes, your seats may be sold to another customer if they are required.

If you're running late, it is vitally important to phone the cinema directly on 01269 823232 to inform the box office. Your seat(s) will be held for a longer period of time on the basis of genuine lateness. 

Film placement (Screen 1 / Screen 2) may alter to reflect public demand on a per screening basis.

The cinema reserves the right to move any screening between both auditoriums freely. The cinema will only do this if the online ticket sales do not exceed the destination auditorium capacity. Regardless of this, purchasing a ticket will guarantee you a seat in either Screen 1 or Screen 2, provided that you arrive before or during the allocated 15 minute period as outlined above.

Refunds cannot be given for tickets purchased online. Online ticket purchases are final.

Exceptions to this refund policy:-

In the event of snow - complimen

If you believe you have made a mistake, such as booking for the wrong film or wrong showtime, please phone the cinema on 01269 823232 or Contact Us to resolve this immediately. If you do not contact us in an attempt to amend the error, we cannot guarantee a resolution to your mistake upon your arrival to the cinema, therefore your ticket may be rejected.

When contacting us via email, please allow up to 48 hours for a response. If the showtime in question is sooner than 48 hours from the time of sending, your email will not be counted as an attempt to resolve the issue. In these cases, please phone the cinema directly on 01269 823232 during our opening times to talk to a member of staff.

Tickets are received via email. It is important to keep your email safe and have it ready to display at the box office. If you cannot produce a valid or the ticket is accidentally deleted and cannot be retrieved, the cinema staff reserve the right to deny entry.

Redemption of complimentary tickets via the online booking platform is not possible. Seats cannot be reserved for complimentary use. Complementary tickets include; Time Credits, CEA card, Radio Competition Voucher, Raffle Prize Voucher.

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